I am committed to making this website into a very useful tool. A large part of that is listening to the community.

Here is a list of options that I've built into the Website.

  • DropBox Integration - Recipe Synchronization
  • DropBox Integration - Inventory Synchronization
  • Keep Recipes Private or Share with Community
  • Downloadable Recipes into Beersmith2 BSMX file format
  • Abilty to Search on Recipe Style
  • Abilty to Search on Brewer
  • Discussion Capabilty using Disqus
  • Display Recipes and Inventory in both Metric & Imperial


Because I consider myself a part of this couuminty, I'm very interested in your ideas
but I can't promise to make every suggestion into a feature but I'm definitly listening.

Feel free to drop me a line and explain what it is you'd like to see as a feature. In some cases it could be a very minor tweak, in others it might be weeks of work but that doesn't mean I wouldnt be interested.

The the Disqus feature to explain what it is and to start a discussion. If you're not comfortable making you're suggestion public, drop me a line directly and I'll post it on your behalf

Obfiscated Link to my Inventory 10%

Allow me to share my Inventory secretly with my friends via Permalink

Group Affiliation 0%

Allow Recipes to be Grouped by Affiliation/Membership within a club (HomeBrew Club)

Automatic DropBox Sync 0%

Allow Automatic Syncing between DropBox and BSRecipes whenever you make changes inside BeerSmith2

Display Source Folder on my own Recipes 100%

Display which folder (in BeerSmith2) I imported this Recipe from on my Recipes when displaying to me

Allow user to determine the number of paged items that appear when Searching 0%