Share Your BeerSmith2 folder with DropBox

Using a Free DropBox Account you can seamlessly Sync your Recipes and Inventory files with the Cloud.

Connect BSRecipes to your DropBox Shared Folder

We will securely connect to your DropBox folder and read your Recipes and Inventory into our DB.

That's it

Login and browse your Recipes and Inventory using BSRecipes. All you have to do is Maintain your BeerSmith Files at home. We do the rest.

DropBox is a free, secure method of syncing your documents across multiple devices and locations. Your data is secured using using 256-bit AES encryption and use an SSL/TLS secure tunnel to transfer files between you and them.

Access to 3rd party partners, such as BSRecipes is allowed through strict API calls and only with your direct Approval.

Step. 1

Visit and sign up for a free account.

Here is an excellent step by step walkthrough on how to Create a DropBox account. BSRecipes only requires access to a Basic Account.

You must install the DropBox App onto the same Computer (Mac or PC) that has your BeerSmith 2 software installed on it.

Step. 2

Share your BeerSmith 2 folder with DropBox.

Upon installation, BeerSmith 2 will use a Default folder location for storing your Recipes

PC Installation (Windows) - C:\Users\youraccout\Documents\BeerSmith2

Perform these steps in the below order.

  1. Use Windows Explorer to browse to C:\Users\youraccout\Documents\BeerSmith2
  2. Copy the entire BeerSmith2 folder to C:\Users\youraccout\Documents\DropBox
  3. Start BeerSmith2
  4. From the File Menu, choose the chage Directories command
  5. Point to the new location in the shared DropBox folder, C:\Users\youraccout\Documents\DropBox\BeerSmith2
  6. Rename the folder C:\Users\youraccout\Documents\BeerSmith2 to C:\Users\youraccout\Documents\BeerSmith2_BAK for safety

Step. 3

Login to BSRecipes and Sync your Data

Sync My Recipes

The first time you Sync your data from DropBox, you will be prompted by Dropbox to authorise BSRecipes to access your files. does NOT have access to, nor store your username and password for DropBox. DropBox will instead hand us a Token and Key which are unique to BSRecipes and your account alone. Your Privacy is important to us.

This Token and Key combination will be stored in your User account so you will not be prompted for Authentication in the Future.

All subsequent uses of the Sync Now button will simply communicate securely with DropBox using this authenticated channel and Import your Recipe.bsmx file.

This function may be used as often as you like to ensure your files are up to date. (The next version of will maintain this up to date Relationship on your behalf.)

There are a few options available to you.

You may choose to Share your collection, just as you may keep it Private. Changing this is as simple as going to the Profile Page, Setting Tab and set 'Share with the World' to True.

You may also view your personal Inventory. All you need to do really is keep your BeeSmith2 files up to date.

That's about it for now folks. If you have any additional ideas or features you'd like to see, use the Contact Us form to drop me a line.